Marginal blog

36, Kragujevac, Srbija

Prizivaju te usne

Dehidrirane, isušene

Od alkohola

I pokretačkog bola

Telo iscrpljeno od igre

Da je samo malo vutre

Dim bi me odneo

Pozdrav bi ti preneo

Nećeš doći, nećeš se javiti

Moje greške, tvoj greh

A mogli smo stvoriti Svet, 

Ovako sačuvaj osmeh


Will I get the punishment

for taking the forbidden fruit
like stealing secret cigarette
and losing the last root
like being blind for the truth?

Life is going like a circle
And all we ever wanted
is just another miracle
because we have decided
never to go too far away
from the place where the World has ended
And where the Wizard has to say
that we 'll never find our way

We 'll never change the proof
that God has made us
for the holy roof
like fedders which pass
Never mind how much it is unbelievle
we are still waitng for the incredible

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